West Palata is the sixth region available in the game. It is unlocked at level 78, once you have completed the normal stages of Gloriville, Light Kingdom, Nevras, Sakurajima and Palata.


Legend has it that Palata is a place created by the Peacock god with his own feathers. After internal conflicts, Palata was eventually controlled and ruled by a royal bloodline.


Palata's temperature is higher than the other regions and rainfall is the lowest of the regions. The environment is hardly suitable for vegetation. It has, over time, become a desert. Palata's Residents are scattered throughout the area but have kept normal interactions with others. Residents migrate according to the desert's seasonal changes.

West Palata


During the War era, Palata were military allies with Gloriville. After the war, the two states disbanded. When the Fallens invaded, Palata residents panicked and caused chaos in various settlements.



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