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Don't add to your worries, live freely and without worry.


A young man who does as he pleases. He doesn't like to be inconvenienced and often sends his wonton spirits to run his errands.

Food Introduction

Wontons are a traditional Chinese recipe. They are packed with deliciousness and are often served with a flavorful broth.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1323
Attack.png Attack 55
Defense.png Defense 10
Health.png HP 379
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 682
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 668
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 669


Spiritual Warrior Basic Skill
Skill-Wonton-Normal.png Wonton summons a dumpling spirit to attack the farthest enemy target, dealing 100% (180%) of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 25 (395) extra damage.
Soul Flame Energy Skill
Skill-Wonton-Energy.png Wonton deals 40% (80%) Atk damage to all enemies plus 78 (1232) extra damage, also weakening their Atk by 5 (45) for 5 seconds. Meanwhile when he makes his next 5 basic attacks, his Atk will increase by 10 (90) each time.
Super Soul Flame Link Skill
Skill-Wonton-Link.png Wonton deals 60% (120%) Atk damage to all enemies plus 94 (846) extra damage, also weakening their Atk by 5 (45) for 5 seconds. Meanwhile when he makes his next 5 basic attacks, his Atk will increase by 15 (135) each time. Tortoise Jelly.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract In my spare time, I watch the flowers in the courtyard bloom and fall from the trees. I pay no attention to their arrival and departure. But you, please let me have a trace of you.
Log In You've returned?
Ice Arena Wanton seems to really like it here.
Skills Decide quickly, Wanton.
Ascend These are powerful forces. Wanton, you can absorb a lot of energy, don't waste it.
Fatigue Wanton has no energy, I won't go with you today.
Recovering Wanton is feeling better now. Huh? You're weren't worried about him? Could it be that you were worried about me?
Team Formation Let's go for a walk.
Knockout You...
Notice Food is ready.
Idle 1 Wanna play chess?
Idle 2 Don't add to your worries, live freely and without worry.
Interaction 1 Dumpling Spirit also wants to eat something. It begins to eat...
Interaction 2 "I have Dumpling Spirit here, who can serve me tea, water, and can clean my clothes and cook for me! How convenient!" Is this what you're thinking?
Interaction 3 You're so impatient. Whatever you do, you must take your time.
Pledge I have never felt very free and easy. But after meeting you, I just wanted to become entangled with you for the rest of my life.
Intimacy 1 As long as it has something to do with you, I will do it myself.
Intimacy 2 The first time that you feel like having Dumpling Spirit here is inconvenient, the next time we're together, I'll let him outside to take a stroll.
Intimacy 3 Don't think about leaving me one day. No matter where you flee, I will chase you and bring you back.


Lazy Head
Skin-Wonton-Lazy Head.png

Icon-Skin-Wonton-Lazy Head.png

Oh......It's not completely out of the question to give the wonton ghost a break and brew the tea with my own two hands. But it can only be occasionally.
— Wonton
Afternoon Break event, Food Soul's Wish event.
Dreamchaser’s Song
Skin-Wonton-Dreamchaser’s Song.png

Icon-Skin-Wonton-Dreamchaser’s Song.png

Did you come because of my song? How long will you be staying? At the end of the day, isn’t it best to be carefree like me?
— Wonton
Blossomed & Broken
Skin-Wonton-Blossomed & Broken.png

Icon-Skin-Wonton-Blossomed & Broken.png

Shh! Don't let them find me. These flowers that just blossomed in this courtyard are like Tortoise Jelly's babies. If he sees, I'm gonna get an earful.
— Wonton
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I. As a Child of Man

I am Wonton. Master Attendant summoned me when he was still young.

When I opened my eyes, there was a child as white and cute as a doll before me. He was forcibly making a serious expression, but he couldn’t hide the excitement behind his eyes.

He reached out his still-rounded hand towards me, and smiled an adorable smile he weren’t able to hold back.

“From now on I’ll protect you!”

The young child spoke with a lisp, I couldn’t help but let a small laugh. Holding on to his hand, I stared at those pure eyes.

“Okay. I’m counting on you.”

Glittering decorations, expensive clothing. I understand it clearly then. This child is not a child of common people.

But his status was much higher than what I originally thought.

The man with the highest position in this land was his father.

He had dozens of brothers. At that time, I didn’t know why his mother, the Empress, seems so worried when she look at him.

He really is still a child, when he heard stories of candy crafts at the marketplace, he had a strong look of yearning for confectionery and pastry.

When I look at that big sparkling eyes, without thinking I reached my hand out to him.

“If you are that interested, may I take you there?”

Twirling lanterns, a wide variety of games, everything caught his attention, he who had never left the court before. Looking at his vibrant smile, even I naturally smiled and relaxed.

Suddenly, his little hand left mine.

The noble boy who stood above the common people, defended a young beggar by himself, glaring at those who was beating the young child.

“It’s dangerous for you to do that.”

“But I can’t just let them do that!”

Confused by his stubbornness, I stroke his soft hair. The marketplace lights were on until midnight.

Tired of walking around till late, we sat down next to a riverside. Soaking our feet at the cold river water, we watched the lantern lights carried away by the currents.

“Hey, what kind of wish did you make just now?”

“Didn’t they say that…… If you tell someone it won’t come true…… I’m not telling……”

“I’m your Food Soul. I’m not someone. I may not be able to grant your wish but that isn’t always true. Tell me.”

“It’s impossible for you.”

“Just tell me.”

“I, someday I want to find Paradise. There, I want to live quietly with my mother. My friends can come visit me, and when we get bored we can go to the marketplace……

I want to live peacefully without worrying about fighting with my brothers and angering my father.”

I can’t forget his expression when he said so. That innocent and happy face was no different from a common child.

But that happiness doesn’t last very long.

Returning to the court, his elegant and calm mother became angry for the first time. She was very angry, but the fact that her eyes was slightly red shows that she was truly concerned deep down.

She ordered all of her servants to leave the room and make him kneel in front of her. Then as punishment, she hit the thigh of her own child with a board.

However, because her hands were shaking, she couldn’t hold the board firmly no matter how many times she tried.

Once, twice, her hands were shaking but she did not stop.

At last,her face was so soaked with tears that her makeup was ruined. She held her child, whose leg was already swollen he couldn’t walk, and continues to weep.

“I have to apologize to you. It’s my fault that you were born a noble, I couldn’t give you a choice.

But you are the Emperor’s son. Mother is scared, really really scared… Please… Stop seeking to live a common life…

Okay? And from now on, live firmly. Promise me.”

His mother was very kind.

She tried treating him like a common child, even stopped using honorifics because he was misbehaving. However, as I stood at the entrance of the room witnessing their exchange, I already knew that one of his brothers had been killed by someone who had forgotten about family bond.

Even though he was still young, no matter how severe his punishment is, he never even once cried. But within the loving embrace of his mother, he bursts into tears and cried as loud as he could.

He loosened his fist. As if giving up and letting go of his own dream. And the head he always held up with pride was bowed low.

Did I…… Do something wrong……

II. For the Vassals

The child grew older and become a boy, eventually grew into a dignified youth. His young innocent smile gradually disappeared, and instead replaced by the expression of giving up and regret.

He studied hard that he forgot to sleep, constantly trying to change something. Watching over him by his side, all I could do was put a blanket on him when he fell asleep at his desk.

The bamboo scrolls on the desk was steadily piling up, and the chicken soup became cold that the oil solidified. Within the light of the lamp, he read the sad news written on the bamboo letter, suppressed his emotions and, with his reddened eyes, held his head up.

His best friend became a victim to his brothers’ conflicts.

But he can’t even mourn the death of his friend. Because we didn’t even know if there is a spy lurking somewhere.

A weak local official would not be able to compete against the powers that had colluded with the eunuchs. That friend was a victim of power struggle.

When Master Attendant knows about the situation, his young friend who loves to recite poem to his heart’s content, have already turned to bones and buried outside of the castle.

When I couldn’t bear to see it anymore, I used Wanton and ousted all of his servants. It was just the two of us in the large room. I embrace him like I did when he was still a child, and gently stroked his head. He, who can no longer show his tears in public, at this moment was gripping my robes tightly.

“I don’t want to be someone like my brothers or my father…”

“……I won’t let you. You have me here you won’t become something like them.”

“I don’t want to fight them. I just wanted to protect the happiness of the common people and those who are close to me, is that unforgivable? ……why……why……”

“Run away with me.”

“No, I don’t want to run away. I absolutely don’t want to lose to those people. But I want you to watch over me… So I won’t fall into their trap…

In this land, I can’t just let those who are willing to take the life of faithful officials to govern it.”

He was still shivering within my embrace, his eyes slightly reddened, but he took a deep breath and raised his head, telling me so with a firm tone.

The child, who once cried out of sorrow that he gave up his dream, vowed to protect the unnamed, just as he did when we first met. But a powerless prince he is, couldn’t immediately know of his best friend’s death.

He told me that as a prince of this land, if he had been given a special treatment since birth, he would have to take the responsibility for it. And that he was not only the vassals for his father, but also the common people, and that if he wanted to protect those common people, he needed more power.

Power is like a flood or a beast. Whether you want it or not, it will gradually consume those who have it.

As his Food Soul, I never leave his side, I will protect his true feelings.

I noticed in his eyes. At that time, the child who was embraced by his mother and cried out loud as if he had lost the world, have grown into a respectable adult.

He always keep the landscape painting of Paradise that was painted by his friend. I also like that painting. The Paradise that we dreamed of has the same scenery.

He sometimes stares at the painting. As if mourning a dream he had given up long ago.

That day, he locked the painting deep in the cupboard.

III. The Monarch

Since that day, Master Attendant has changed.

He was no longer the one who treat others appropriately. But from that day, he learned to use words of flattery. Even the lowly guts we once regarded as enemies, gradually rounded up.

By the time his brothers who had always looked down on us noticed, he had already grown up to the point where he couldn’t be beaten. It was clearly visible to me. The Emperor who stands above everyone. His dissatisfied glance had gradually turned to approval.

Some people now say that his dancing style is better than his former solemn figure, but the only one who knew was me. Within his dreams his frowned brows no longer relaxes. I’ve been beside him, I’ve seen him easily determining the life or death of another, using his fingertips to tap the table lightly, thinking of a way to lure others into his trap.

He no longer sees the weak.

I have seen his beautiful hands gradually dyed in black. The obedient boy in my memory has gradually turned into someone malicious. I can no longer see his heart. If I hadn’t seen his hands still shaking under the table perhaps I too, like the rest of his friends, would have leave his side.

I saw him climbing up the ranks to the top and being revered by everyone, and gradually become the most hated man in the land.

I couldn’t stop his change. That is the path he has chosen.

Finally, the old Emperor passed on. And his brothers, even as a clown they are, can no longer regain their strength.

He will soon take off his familiar light-coloured robes and change into a magnificent ink-coloured and fine garments, donning a grand crown and climb to the highest position in the land; the Emperor.

Looking at the guards blocking my path, I could only smile helplessly.

“What did he say?”

“H- his highness said, ‘It has been a long time. Now in the throne, I no longer need you! You’ve been here for many years now, it’s better for you to leave, and don’t ever return.’”

“That’s all?”

“…… Young master, don’t say anything bad, hurry up and leave. Don’t give the Emperor any ideas. You knew too much. This exile should be considered as a pardon from the Emperor, isn’t that a good thing?”

“I understand. Let me see him one last time.”

Just as I wished, I am before the man who will be the emperor tomorrow. Seeing him sitting on the steps crying and laughing, like the first time we met I crouched and reached out to him.

“Let’s go together.”

I don’t know if my words reached him.

He grabbed my sleeve, his head bowed low. Round wet stains fell on the soft carpet under the feet. As if mourning for himself.

Or mourning for the friends he couldn’t mourn back then.

“At the end, I still ended up like my father and my brothers…”

“Let’s go together.”

After crying like a child, he raised his head and laughed.

“Wonton, you should leave.”

At the end, I couldn’t see him sitting on the throne.

IV. Friends

Before I went far, his guards turned and walked respectfully towards me.

He has given me a small parcel. Inside was a stack of silver sheets. This few properties were all of his property before he turned malicious. Aside from the silver notes, there is also a thick letter in the parcel.

I found an inn. A waiter came to pick me up even before I went inside.

“Young master, a guest have reserved the best room for you. We have been waiting for you.”


“There is a message from that guest.”

“What is it?”

“He said, ‘I now have the power to protect my friends. You don’t have to worry anymore.’”

“…… thank you.”

I entered the room he had prepared for me. Everything is exactly the same as my room before, even the smell of the incense is the rare smell that I like.

Sitting at the table, I opened his letter.

The one in the letter was him in my memory. He who was sitting at the riverside alongside me, soaking our feet in the water. That appearance disguised with power and authority was washed away by the river water. That reckless boy who defended the young beggar by himself was still the same.

The long letter recorded everything we’ve gone through together. He remembered every little details that even I have forgotten. But the letter that I’ve been reading with a smile ended abruptly.

On the last page, the brush strokes trembles, the letters were smeared with dark stains, some even melted in the circular trace of water marks.

I feel like I could see him. The child who was afraid of being left alone, is holding back his tears, writing this letter to sent me off.

Only I know the reason he didn’t want me to see him sitting on that throne. Because I remembered him as the boy who dreamed of finding Paradise and live peacefully with his mother, the boy who would defend even a nameless beggar.

He has become what he hated most. He had done the things he hated most. But he never regrets. He have to do it so he would never feel the despair of not being able to fulfill his promise.He once lost his best friends due to his powerlessness. But now he have the power to protect everything he wants to protect.

My eyes teared up, the letters began to blur. Holding in my own tears, I took a deep breath and finish the letter.

I thought I hid it very well, who would have thought that he already noticed about it. Just as I noticed that he stared at the painting, he also noticed that I was yearning for it.

It has been a long time since he keep me to his side. But it’s already time for him to let me go.

Until his death, he will never be able to find the Paradise he had dreamed of. He won’t see the mountain waterfalls he had imagined. But he gave me freedom, the me who shares the same dream as him.

“Please remember. Even if you live freely outside, please look over me. I’m scared. I am here alone, I don’t want to be like them one day.”

The tears that I can no longer hold back, melted the barely readable words completely.

“I understand, I’ll do that. I certainly will.”

V. Wonton

It is said that there is a vast land near Light Kingdom. There are countless famed mountains and rivers there. There is also a lot of paradise not known to men.

If Wonton had a choice, he would never have chosen to be within this little court.

Not only he was confined to this boring little court, he also have to protect the conscience of a little child for more than two decades.

The child grew up under his mother’s meticulous care, gradually under Wonton’s guidance, and eventually became the revered and respected Emperor.

He decisively wiped out the parasites that devoured the nation, pulled out countless tumors, and pulled through rotten roots that were deeply rooted in the wounds even when the wounds were torn clean. No one knew that this harsh and unrelenting Emperor was once a child who wished for a common life, walking through mountains and rivers.

The child gradually grew and became a responsible young man.

When he saw Wonton standing in the garden, he clenched his fist. He knew. If it wasn’t for him, Wonton wouldn’t have been constraint to a place like this, only able to looked up at the sky, at the clouds drifting away from his sight.

He decided, no matter how much he would regret it, even if there’s only Wonton by his side. He will give the freedom to his friend who have been with him for more than twenty years.

Fortunately, even after Wonton left, he would sometimes sends him letters through Wanton. Sometimes with snacks, sometimes just a letter telling him of the peaceful life outside. At the end of every letter, Wonton always tell him in seriousness. That the world outside have been improving little by little thanks to his efforts.

The boy grew up, and gradually grew older.

Sometimes half a month, sometimes three days. The letters never stopped. The Emperor sometimes told him about the interesting things happening around him by letter. Even after the Emperor died, his hand still have the ink stains that had not yet dried, but there was no letter on the table. It’s maybe because he wanted to fulfill the request of the Emperor’s letter. They never once talk about reunion.

Wonton always remembered the boy sitting at the riverside, kicking at the waters with his leg.

Wonton, in his grief, petting Wanton by his side. After looking at the letter in his hand, he lifted his head and saw a marketplace that was gradually bustling about the throne succession.

Suddenly he saw before him, a long-haired guy, as dark as night. He was walking through the marketplace with a helpless expression, holding on to the hand of a young girl who was smiling happily beside him. Wonton couldn’t help but let out a laugh, and he left the marketplace.

The dark clad man behind him turned around, as though he felt something. But he did not notice Wonton who had just left the place.