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Do good deeds and worry not for the future.


A very cool, collected person who always gives people a sense that there's more than enough. He observes his opponent's movements from the shadows, never taking any challenge too lightly. To his master, he's mostly quite loyal, but if he feels the attendant isn't worthy of respect, he will sever the relationship, without giving the attendant a chance to speak. Although he's getting on in years, he still looks forward to growing as a person.

Food Introduction

Yuba vegetable spring roll was introduced in Japan in the Heian Period by a monk and subsequently developed into part of Japanese cuisine. Through a process of constant improvements, it has developed into the form it is today of tofu skin wrapped around vegetables. It is a versatile dish in Japan that is enjoyed as both a main dish or a snack to take alongside alcohol.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 2890
Attack.png Attack 128
Defense.png Defense 33
Health.png HP 519
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 1125
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 1864
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 1551


Hail of Bullets Basic Skill
Skill-Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll-Normal.png Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll tosses his rifle, then fires off a burst of shots as he catches it with his left hand, finally tossing the rifle back to his right hand, dealing 40% (80%) ATK as damage plus 100 (1300) extra damage to all enemies, meanwhile dealing 10% ATK as damage per second to the nearest enemy unit, lasting 5 (45) seconds.
Sharpshooter Sanction Energy Skill
Skill-Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll-Energy.png Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll advances forward and adjusts his glasses with his right hand as he snaps into a sniper's pose and takes aim at all enemy units and fires punishing bullets that deal 40% (80%) ATK as damage plus 422 (5486) extra damage to all enemies, meanwhile lowering ATK and attack speed by 5% (25%) for all enemies, lasting 5 seconds.
Super Sharpshooter Sanction (Future Update) Link Skill
Skill-Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll-Link.png Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll advances forward and adjusts his glasses with his right hand as he snaps into a sniper's pose and takes aim at all enemy units and fires punishing bullets that deal 60% (120%) ATK as damage plus 506 (6578) extra damage to all enemies, meanwhile lowering ATK and attack speed by 25% (45%) for all enemies, lasting 5 seconds. Fried Tofu Puff.png

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract I don't believe we've met. I am Yuba Vegetable Spring Roll. Our meeting is probably fate, is it not? Heh heh... I expect I have much to learn from you, Master Attendant.
Log In Ah, you've returned. An ancient saying goes, "Seeking the Tao will sustain you, but seeking sustenance will not lead you to the Tao." As long as you stay on the path, you will most certainly be taken care of. Although, be that as it may, when you venture out, you should still try to be a little careful.[1]
Ice Arena Aagh...! It's so cold here... I'm getting on in years and not suited for such climes!
Skills One lamp lights a corner! Ten thousand light the nation![2]
Ascend Unimaginable... I can actually keep progressing... What a blessing!
Fatigue Attendant, might I rest for a moment? ...At times like these, I must marvel at how unforgiving time is.
Recovering I'm mostly recovered. I'll be back at your side momentarily. So, just wait a little longer, okay?
Team Formation Under my command, victory is assured!
Knockout Uh...! Master Attendant... Very... sorry...
Notice The cooking is done. Master Attendant, would you like to have a taste? This dish is quite delicious.
Idle 1 Without realizing it, so much time has gone by... All the foolish things we did back in the day are too numerous to count... but thinking back on it, they weren't all bad memories...
Idle 2 Having a little down time like this once in a while isn't that bad. To keep one's composure, mental relaxation is a must.
Idle 3 I know I can... keep improving. As long as I'm honest with myself and disciplined, and accept and accustom myself to various different ways of thinking, I know I can. That's right... First, I must accept Master Attendant, accept his needs, and respond to his thoughts... but, it's not enough... his reliance on me is still not enough...
Interaction 1 Ack...!? M-master Attendant, it's you! Nothing, I was just thinking some thoughts... Huh? What thoughts, you ask? Just trivial matters. Like what shall I eat tonight, this and that. Master Attendant, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?
Interaction 2 Hm? Master Attendant, what's the matter? I can set out for you at a moment's notice, but is that why you've summoned me now? Heh heh...
Interaction 3 Fried Tofu Puff? He's an earnest lad, although, I was he would reign in that ego of his a bit. If he spent some time with you, Attendant, I'm sure he'd mature quickly... Ah, but we mustn't say that out loud to him. If he knew we thought of him as a child, he would get angry.
Pledge Till this very day, I've been feeling out whether you're worthy of my service, and the answer is quite clear... I cannot express enough gratitude at the favor you bestow on me, and your faith in me has caused my heart to race with excitement. I am humbly yours from here on out, Master Attendant.
Intimacy 1 "The epitome of altruism is to forego the self for the sake of others"... This quote is talking about a person just like you, Master Attendant, but still you shouldn't push yourself so hard. Today, have a rest. Seeing Master fit and healthy is my prime hope.[3]
Intimacy 2 The thought of you sends my heart into a jumble. And in such a state, I don't know whether I should be happy, or sad. Perhaps... it's both.
Intimacy 3 Yes, I shall always be by your side, until forever. To wait upon you is my duty, and also my greatest aspiration. Please do not forget this point, Master Attendant...
Victory An expected result. However, although victory is in our grasp, we mustn't grow lax.
Defeat I apparently still have a long, long way to go... I must continue improving...[4]
Feeding Is this... for me? Then I'll try a bite... Ah, it's not just the taste of the food that concerns me. The mere fact that you thought of me enough to give me a present already makes me happy. Thank you.


  1. Log In: Original text for "Seeking the Tao will sustain you, but seeking sustenance will not lead you to the Tao.": 道心中有衣食,衣食中无道心。As long as the Way is in the heart, then worry not for material goods. In pursuit of material goods, there is no heart of Way.
    • A saying from Japanese Zen Buddhism, which I've utterly butchered here. The concept of 道心 ("heart of Way") is one borrowed from Chinese Taoism, and refers to a state of enlightenment. If one is enlightened, then they have no need for material goods and luxuries; all that is in their heart already. But if one is concerned with the material word and physical possessions, then they cannot achieve that enlightenment.
  2. Skills: Original text: 一灯照隅,万灯照国!A single light may only illuminate a corner, but together, a thousand lights can brighten a country!
    • Yet another saying from Japanese Buddhism. Even though you alone may have a small effect on the world, the combined efforts of many people can make a big difference.
  3. Intimacy 1: Original text for "The epitome of altruism is to forego the self for the sake of others": 忘己利他为慈悲之极也。Selflessness and altruism is the foundation of mercy.
    • Another saying from Japanese Buddhism. Directly translated, it teaches that we must "forget ourselves" and "benefit others".
  4. The term translated here as "improving" is actually the Buddhist concept of viriya: the quality of willingly engaging in wholesome activities and self-improvement.
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