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The most important thing to me is the warmth of humanity.


She looks like a cold and careless sister but she’s very meticulous when it comes to caring. Very meticulous and clever minded. Although there is a lot to worry about in her life, she is able to handle everything handed to her.

Food Introduction

Yunnan Noodles originated from the Mengzi City of Yunnan, China. It is considered one of China's many cultural heritage foods with its unique traits. The are various origin stories for Yunnan Noodles. Although these stories differ slightly, the love for Yunnan Noodles is apparent in all stories.

Other Info

How to Acquire

Associated Events

  • Warm Regards

Initial Stats

Power.png Soul Power 1320
Attack.png Attack 52
Defense.png Defense 14
Health.png HP 366
Crit. Rate.png Crit Rate 617
Crit. Damage.png Crit Dmg 487
Attack Speed.png Atk Spd 718


Weave Basic Skill
Skill-Yunnan Noodles-Normal.png Yunnan Noodles unleashes her rice noodles at enemies with high accuracy. Dealing 100% (180%) damage to the enemy with the highest attack power plus 34 (442) extra damage.
Phoenix Dance Energy Skill
Skill-Yunnan Noodles-Energy.png Yunnan Noodles performs an elegant but deadly pirouette. Dealing 100% (180%) damage to the enemy with the highest attack plus 349 (4537) extra damage.

blue = lvl 1

red = max lvl

Voice Lines

Contract EN: I've been waiting for you for a long time, Attendant. Don't be a stranger, from now on I'll take care of you.

JPN: I've been waiting for you, master attendant. Don't be shy. From now on, I will take care of you.

Log In EN: You're back. It feels like I have to wait forever for you.

JPN: Welcome back. You returned pretty late.

Ice Arena EN: It looks like this place is immune from the summer heat. Attendant, you can try it for yourself.

JPN: This place looks like it can be a good summer resort. Master attendant, I think it's a good idea to come here on hot days.

Skills EN: Nothing will happen as long as I'm here.

JPN: Everything will be fine as long as I'm here.

Ascend EN: It feels like a lot of different ideas merged together.

JPN: Many ideas are welling up.

Fatigue EN: Phew ... I'm sorry. I'm not tired, I just need to sit for a while.

JPN: Ugh... No, I'm fine... I just need to sit down for a bit...

Recovering EN: Hmm… you might be able to make some extra money if you ope-...Sorry, I was just thinking out loud.

JPN: If we can open this place for public, we might be able to make a profit... I'm sorry, that was just an idea.

Team Formation EN: I have everything ready, don't worry about it.

JPN: My preparation is perfect. Don't worry about me.

Knockout EN: So lonely......

JPN: Cold... Lonely....

Notice EN: Dinner is ready, eat it while it's hot.

JPN: Master attendant, the food is here. Please eat before it becomes cold.

Idle 1 EN: Aren't you hungry?

JPN: Are you hungry, Master attendant?

Idle 2 EN: Sesame Oil can give Recipes flavor, or can be taken directly to expel heat. Attendant definitely needs this.

JPN: Sesame oil can be used in cooking, but it has other effects too. I'm sure you'll find it useful, Master attendant.

Idle 3 EN: Don't lose these things, you will definitely need them later.
Interaction 1 EN: Being too busy is bad for your health; I'll make you some soup, remember to eat it.

JPN: Overworking is bad for your health. I will warm some soup, so don't forget to eat it.

Interaction 2 EN: If you use the oil properly, you can keep your food at the right temperature.

JPN: For your cooking to not become cold, you must have a knack for using oil skillfully.

Interaction 3 EN: As long as everything is properly organized, you won't get confused.

JPN: You won't have to panic if you're always prepared.

Pledge EN: From the moment we met till now, nothing has changed. At this moment… Master Attendant… I feel so blessed.

JPN: Ever since I met you, I've always thought of you like a family. So there's nothing that will change. However... I feel really happy right now.

Intimacy 1 EN: Is there still some barrier between us?

JPN: Why would you act so formally now?

Intimacy 2 EN: For you, it's worth putting in the extra thought.

JPN: If it's for you, I won't mind doing troublesome things.

Intimacy 3 EN: Two people being this tranquil, is also nice.

JPN: Spending time together quietly like this feels nice.

Victory EN: As long as you're fully prepared, you'll definitely win.
Defeat EN: If the soup is cold, it can be reheated. If the thread is broken, it can be reconnected. There is always a way.

JPN: There's no need to feel discouraged because of this one failure. There must be a way to solve this.

Feeding EN: I didn't expect you to end up taking care of me, thank you.


Wisteria Date
Skin-Yunnan Noodles-Wisteria Date.png

Icon-Skin-Yunnan Noodles-Wisteria Date.png

You once said, when the wisteria blossoms again, you... will come back too.
— Yunnan Noodles
The Bar
A Silent Youth
Skin-Yunnan Noodles-A Silent Youth.png

Icon-Skin-Yunnan Noodles-A Silent Youth.png

In this place, the years passes by like a single day frozen in time. As long as I get to see all of you who I cherished oh so dearly spread your wings and fly high, like leaves blossoming in the branches, I am satisfied.
— Yunnan Noodles

Food Souls

Defense Icon.png Defense
Strength Icon.png Strength
Magic Icon.png Magic
Yunnan Noodles.png
Yunnan Noodles
Support Icon.png Support




Sprite Animations

A Silent Youth

Other Versions

Long Bao Chibi 4.png Contents of this page has been fan-translated by BasilCosmo and may not be completely accurate.
Official translations will be added whenever it's available.

I. Broken connection

The morning sun had just risen, and the sky was slightly pale. I walked by the side of the Cloud Stream River with my backpack. The river was a mountain stream stretching from Heyuan Village to Yunya Village, and the two sides were connected by a suspended bridge.

The bridge before my eyes, however, was blocked by a heavy pile of rocks. Moreover, there were several rusty chains attached to both sides of the bridge platform, hitching down on the mountain rocks. Passing was prohibited. Shaking my head, I glanced back at Master Attendant standing a short distance behind me. Our eyes met and he waved hard at me and shouted.

“Noodles, I’ll go back then! Be careful!”

I gave him a small smile and a gentle nod to show my reassurance. Gazing at the departing back of the Attendant, I paused for a moment. Then I turned around, and with one swing, thin silk threads came out of my sleeves and lunged at the obstacle in front of me like poisonous snakes. With a soft snap, the iron lock broke and stone chips went flying. After the smoke cleared, looking at the end of the suspension bridge, I saw a few blurred figures standing there. I sighed and walked quickly towards them.

I opened the path to the suspension bridge, and by doing so, I also shattered the old grudge the two villages held against one another.

Heyuan Village and Yunya Village, long ago, were two villages with a harmonious relationship. But now, even simple communication was almost cut off...

Since when did it become like this?

I was not sure…

At least that's how the situation was since I showed up. If it weren't for that sudden incident, I probably would have never set foot there, just like Master Attendant.

With this in mind, before I knew it, I was walking across the suspension bridge. I was greeted by several men and women, and the man at the head of the group greeted me formally. Nodding slightly, I politely returned the greeting and whispered.

“I am Yunnan Noodles, from the other side of the bridge, I will be looking after you from now on.”

II. Continuing to hold hands

“Xiao Che, these are for everyone. Xiao Ying, this one is for Master Attendant. I’m sorry that I’m bothering you today.”

Somewhere in the village, in a wooden house, I took off my apron after I had wrapped up the meals. I handed them to the two children beside me, and watched them leave.

“You’re a real hard-worker, Miss Yunnan Noodles.”

After the children left, a man lifted the curtain and walked in, looked around, and said apologetically to me.

“You’re not only taking care of the Fallen Angels, but also doing these chores…”

“It’s nothing, really.”

I shook my head in disapproval as I gathered up the kitchenware.

“What are you doing here? Is the village entrance…”

“Yes… I was going to ask you to come running again.”

The man paused, and the apologetic look on his face intensified.

“I’m coming.”

I dropped the work I was doing and passed by the man, heading for the village entrance.

Heyuan Village and Yunya Village are on the two sides of the mountain peak, separated by a bottomless mountain stream. Because the terrain was relatively far north, since the appearance of the Fallen Angels, it was Yunya Village that was always under attack, while Heyuan Village remained unharmed. In that situation, Yunya Village, which could not move for various reasons, had to turn to the local Chef Guild.

After negotiating with the Food Soul and Master Attendant from Heyuan Village, the Chef Guild arranged for the Food Soul to come to Yunya Village for a short while to help them defend against the Fallen Angels until the Chef Guild could send a different Attendant from elsewhere. And I was Heyuan Village’s Food Soul.

At the entrance of the village, silk threads flew, and several petite Fallen Angels shattered and dissipated. After retrieving the silk threads that had fallen to the ground and confirming that there were no other Fallen Angels, I turned around and walked back towards the village.

“I wonder, how is Master Attendant doing now…?”

III. About to break

As usual, I prepared the meal and sat in the house waiting for the children to come over. I didn't know what happened, but the kids were especially late that day. Sitting alone in my chair, I looked at the sky and began to drift off.

I thought that the distance between the two villages was not too big, especially after the suspension bridge was opened. With the speed of Food Soul, it would not take too long to go back and forth. I thought that even if I had to stay there temporarily, I would still be able to bring food to Master Attendant every day.

However, after coming over there, I realized that it was completely impossible. No matter what I did, there were just too many places in Yunya Village that needed help. Fallen Angels were only one of their many problems. Post-disaster reconstruction, basic fortifications… and so on and so forth. A series of problems were plaguing the village incessantly. Possessing abilities far beyond those of a human being, I could not just stand by and watch the situation.

As a result, in addition to fighting against the Fallen Angels and helping with the post-disaster reconstructions, I had to help prepare the children's meals at mealtime and then entrust one of them to deliver the meal to Master Attendant. That hectic life soon became a daily routine...

…until one day.

“Sister Yunnan Noodles… I… Can I not bring the meal to the Attendant today?”

Xiao Ying stood in front of me, her hands rubbing the corners of her clothes, looking at me timidly and whispering.

“What’s wrong with…”

Looking at her troubled expression, I was a bit puzzled.

“The people there… they always gossip about and scold Xiao Ying when Xiao Ying brings him food.”

The usually cheerful and optimistic Xiao Ying, under my questioning, even showed a hint of crying between her words.

“I’m sorry… Xiao Ying… Xiao Ying does not want to go there…. they always yell at Xiao Ying… they are so mean…”

Holding the girl in my arms, I soothed her with soft words, saddened inside. I forgot about the poor relationship between the two villages.

I heard some gossip occasionally during the day, but no one has ever brought it up in front of me.

Thinking about it, was it done for my sake?

Speaking of which, yes, the attitude everybody took on when it came to Yunya villagers coming in Heyuan Village was also... bad.

I’m going back.

I said to myself while sighing in my heart.

The next morning, I returned to my home in Heyuan Village.

“Ah… it’s ok, Aunt Yun will cook something for me, so don’t worry about it.”

Master Attendant sat in front of me, patting his leg and smiling softly.

“By the way, the girl’s name is Xiao Ying, right? I’m really sorry about what happened. I did try to speak up for her, but you know, sometimes I miss the moment it happens.”

“I was just thinking about what I could do for you, but now I have no choice but to do so.”

After sorting out the scattered household items in my hands, I urged uneasily.

“Don't exhaust yourself, even if teaching is important.  You need to learn to take care of yourself.”


After explaining things, I hurried back to Yunya village, but unexpectedly ran into Xiao Ying and the man who often came to see me at the entrance of the village.

“Noo-… Sister Noodles. Xiao Ying is sorry. Xiao Ying is so capricious. It won’t happen again. Xiao Ying is going to deliver the meal next time, so… don’t go away Sister, okay?”

Xiao Ying tugged at the corner of my coat and said resignedly.

“I’m sorry, Miss Yunnan Noodles. I did try to talk her out of it...”

The man's voice took on a hint of humility.

“I have no intention of leaving.”

I interrupted them, took Xiao Ying's hand and went into the village.

“I've already taken care of the chores on Master Attendant’s side, so I'll stay here until the person who is going to take my place comes.”

“So, you should stop picking on kids.”

The last sentence I said was extremely nonchalant.


The man was stunned for a moment, then followed with a bitter smile and a low apology.

“Sorry… I thought that the village on the other side of the river was…”

“I'm not sure about your own perceptions. But Master Attendant has no intention of refusing to help you either.”


And so, I settled down again.

I thought things were back on track, however ...

IV. Successive

One day, just as I was preparing a meal at the reconstruction site, a young man came hurrying toward me from a distance. I recognized him, he was one of Master Attendant’s students.

“What’s wrong?”

Looking at the young man's expression, I suddenly felt an uneasy feeling inside.

“A Fallen Angel has entered the village. Yunnan Noodles, please, come back with me quickly.”

The boy’s face was full of anxiety.

“The situation is critical. We need you.”

While saying that, he took my hand and headed back. Just then, an older woman beside me couldn't help but speak up.

“So Heyuan Village is in trouble. Serves them right.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Many people followed and agreed. I suddenly felt a pang of sadness. The villagers in front of me, who were usually kind, somehow made me feel a little sick in that moment.

Yes, I should have expected that. Conflicts between human beings won’t be solved that easily. Even after I, who somehow represented Heyuan Village, had helped them, the result was still the same. With irritation and anxiety, I rushed back to the village together with the young man and encountered the Fallen Angel who was causing havoc.

After a bitter battle, the Fallen Angel was successfully dealt with. However, looking at the devastation in the village and the grief of the people, I stood frozen in place for a while. Unlike the people of Yunya Village, Heyuan Village had been calm for so long that the people there had completely lost their sense of crisis and the ability to save themselves in times of distress.

With no ideas and no thoughts, there seemed to be nothing that people could do except hold their dead family members and cry, and mourn over the ruins of their houses. Looking at one of the large groups of villagers around me, I suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness.

I spent a long time in Yunya Village, but for this situation, there was a set of corresponding regulations that I needed to follow.

What should I do…

After settling down the Attendant, I had a headache over this problem while I was directing and arranging the chaotic crowd. I had just finished very intense battle, and then I also had to take charge of coordinating and dealing with a whole lot of things after the disaster. My spirit was already on the verge of an overwhelming exhaustion, and the slightest mistake could have made me pass out straight away.

Just then, a familiar voice rang out next to my ear.

“I’ll do it.”

Turning my head to look, the man with whom I had met many times in Yunya Village, came to my side at some point. Behind him, he was followed by many villagers from Yunya Village. They brought tools, and herbs.

“Let’s help each other out.”

As if he could see through what I was thinking, the man said so.

V. Yunnan Noodles

Light Kingdom is located in the northeast of the Knowles continent, with the Eight Peaks of the Holy Land at its back. The terrain of the Eight Peaks stretches over a wide mountain area. The largest of these gaps has been filled in by the city of Tamakyo.

However, due to their intricate structure, no one has so far been able to map out the Eight Peaks in their entirety. So whether or not they only had such a gap where Tamakyo was built, is still open to debate.

Apart from Tamakyo, some villages and settlements have existed on this land since ancient times, located near the Eight Peaks. There were always people who could get a glimpse or two of all the wonders behind them. No one knows exactly what exists on the other side of the Eight Peaks of the Holy Land, except for the Lord of Tamakyo.

However, at least it has become clear that behind the Eight Peaks lies one of the sources from which the Fallen Angels are born. Since they began to appear, Fallen Angels have been emerging from the borders of the Eight Peaks.

This is the way the world works. The solution to a problem always comes later than the problem. From the time Fallen Angels appeared to when they began to wreak havoc. The vast majority of regions still do not have the necessary means to protect themselves.

This was also the case for two villages located at the intersection of the sixth and seventh Peak. The relationship between the two villages was bad, and there was only one Food Soul, who had been summoned by chance. The Food Soul belonged to the relatively safe village.

The situation was desperate, Fallen Angels had invaded their homes and the support of the Chef’s Guild was still on its way. So, the Food Soul’s Master Attendant generously "lent" his Food Soul to the northern front, while the Chef’s Guild was in the process of making arrangements, helping the village to survive the most critical moments.

However, around that time, the village where the Attendant was located was also attacked by a Fallen Angel, and in the face of this situation, many people from the northern village actually gloated and planned just to stand by and watch.

Fortunately, not everyone was as indiscriminate as they were. One man and some children stepped forward, thankful for the generosity of Yunnan Noodles and her Attendant.

They educated their compatriots, who were still dwelling on past grudges, and took the initiative to break down the barriers and help rebuild the southern villages. The two were reunited.

“She's like a thread.“

That's what the elders in the northern village, who lived through that time period, always subconsciously say when they talk about it.

“She connects everyone together.”