Our past experience can serve as guiding lights for us here in the present.


Mature and witty, this lady is very popular among young girls. She enjoys studying history and knows everything there is to know, which has allowed her to become a respected historian. She often reminds people not to forget the past and to learn from history.

Food Introduction

Yuxiang is a fan favorite in China. It's savory, sweet and spicy taste goes perfect with a nice bowl of rice!



Initial / Maximum
Flame icon Soul Power 1295 /
Attack Attack 37 /
Defense Defense 11 /
Health HP 368 /
Crit. Rate Crit. Rate 759 /
Crit. Damage Crit. Damage 922 /
Attack Speed Attack Speed 1614 /

Other Info

How to Acquire


Fire Bathing Lady Normal Skill
Yuxiang takes a drag, raising her attack power and critical rate by 1 point and 10 points respectively, as well as increasing her attack speed by 10 points for 5 seconds.
Fire Burning Energy Skill
Yuxiang unleashes a ginormous flame through her cigarette holder, dealing 40% per strike to all enemies, plus an extra 185 points of damage. Also silences all enemies for 5 seconds.
Super Fire Burning Link Skill
Yuxiang unleashes a ginormous flame through her cigarette holder, dealing 60% per strike to all enemies, plus an extra 241 points of damage. Also silences all enemies for 5 seconds. Plum Juice

Voice Lines

Contract What will your future look like? Let me witness it. This is our first time meeting one another. I am the record-taker of history, Yuxiang.
Log In You've returned~ rest a while, I'll go and prepare you some tea.
Ice Arena Ah, I'm sorry. My piles of books are such a mess, I didn't have time to sort them out.
Skills Disappear into the long river of history!
Ascend Hehe, have I gotten stronger? You seem happier about this than I am? So cute~
Fatigue I'm sorry, I can't leave with you right now. I need to rest a while.
Recovering You've come to see me again? Hehe, do you care about me that much?
Team Formation Let me accompany you to witness everything that happens after this~
Knockout What a pity~
Notice Master Attendant, the food is already done.
Idle 1 History makes men wise.
Idle 2 Master Attendant, would you pass me that book?
Interaction 1 Although it smells fishy, it's not the real scent of a fish. Hehe, isn't that weird... huh? You don't believe me? Then... why don't you come and have a taste?
Interaction 2 Things that we often experience in our pasts can become our guiding lights of today.
Interaction 3 What kind of past has created of current you? Hehe, i'm very interested~
Pledge The kneeling ritual by the bride and the groom, the lifting of the veil, then what comes after? Hehe, it doesn't matter, don't be shy. Tell me what you think it is.
Intimacy 1 If you have time, let's go and buy a pair of pillows together. Ones with mandarin ducks embroidered on them, what do you think?
Intimacy 2 Spending my days with you always makes me feel so cheerful.
Intimacy 3 Ah, Attendant, you're here just in time. Can you help me unzip this?

Fondness Stories

"Curiosity killed the cat."

This is a well-known proverb from human society.

And it was the last thing My Lady cooking attendant said to me before she died.

I looked at the black book before me, I wanted to open it but I felt hesitant.

The smell of musty dampness filled the dark and dirty basement, and the light of the oil lamp I brought became weak.

I told myself that there was no time to hesitate, and it was not surprising that when the troops in hot pursuit forced the door and rushed in, the "truth" I had been long searching for had been laid bare.

"Touch it, open it, but bear in mind that this is my duty as a historian."

But my hands could not stop shaking. Those holes I found in the historical annals lying on the table vexed me. The familiar history was like a giant python twisting itself around my entire body and breathing right into my neck and ears.

"Curiosity killed the cat."

My Lady cooking attendant's warning echoed in my ears again. I still vaguely remembered what her eyes looked like when she knew that death was drawing near.

It was just as if I had known all along that disobeying orders, listening to my curiosity and pursuing my desires by reading the historical annals had forced me to learn them by heart.

I lit the pipe I had been carrying with me, took a deep breath, and blew the smoke out slowly, leisurely. The smell of tobacco began to mingle with the damp air. I felt my frayed nerves begin to relax.

Once again, I reached out my hand and caressed the black history book. I opened the cover slowly, but just then, the back door burst open abruptly.

I felt oppression sweep into the room. I quickly extinguished the pipe and hid behind the bookshelves.

I heard the sound of unhurried footsteps pace around the room and come to a stop in front of the wooden chair where I had just been. Then the deep growl of a man's voice.

"I know where you are."

This nation has neither a large population nor an advantageous geographical location, but it is extremely wealthy, so the people live in luxury and comfort.

The outside world's skepticism was inevitable.

No matter how many people were sent from other countries to come and investigate this nation, no one ever returned.

I supposed that the "reason" for this was at that moment he had made his way into where I was hiding and found me behind the bookshelves.

"Ah! Just as I thought, you were after the historical records."

He was relaxing in the wooden chair that I had been sitting and asked me in a casual tone that was like chatting with a friend. Then he opened the book that I had been too scared to to open.

"It appears you haven't opened it yet."

He said this in a mocking tone. He closed the book after thumbing through a couple of pages. I watched his movements through the gaps in the bookshelf. He took out a pipe and lit it. He did not look in the direction I was in at all.

I didn't dare do anything rash. I even had to breathe slowly and carefully, preparing for a sudden attack. But I heard some footsteps outside the door, and suddenly someone burst in.

"Today I have finally caught the thief!"

The leader who burst into was rather grim looking. I realized he was the one who had been chasing me after I snuck into the castle.

"What? How could it be you?"

The proud looking soldier looked shocked at the sight of him. The smoke in the room was getting heavier and heavier. Then an unimaginable scene unfolded right before my eyes.

The smoke folding in the air suddenly began to wrap itself around the incoming soldiers.


The soldiers began to fall down one after another. The leaders face began turning red, as if someone was choking him. He pointed angrily at the man sitting in the chair and said sporadically.

"You..are a traitor..the King will..never let you go!"

After that he didnt speak, he just fell down with the other soldiers.

This was a food soul whos psychic powers were far beyond mine. I hadn't enough time to shift my attention from this event when I heard a sound coming from right next to me.

"Let's continue this, shall we?"








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